Elo Touch Solutions Announces the New IDS On-Site Exchange Warranty Coverage

Elo is pleased to announce, effective January 1, 2015, that on-site exchange coverage will now be included at no additional cost with all currently available Elo IDS 3201L, 4201L, 5501L and 7001L series products and associated ECMG2 accessories as part of our standard 3 year warranty in the continental United States. This program provides on-site exchange of the IDS unit within 72 hours, shipping, and on-site technician resources. There is no minimum purchase requirement.

This offering minimizes customer downtime as part of Elo’s drive to continually enhance total solution quality and support. Technicians are dispatched at an agreed upon time to package and ship back the original IDS unit. The replacement IDS unit is delivered and installed, provided it is in an accessible location.

The new Elo IDS on-site exchange warranty coverage applies to all 3201, 4201, 5501 and 7001 series products and ECMG2 accessories purchased after January 1, 2015. With the addition of Elo extended warranty options (1 or 2 year), this coverage can be extended for a total of 5 years.


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